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Premium Lenses

At Northglenn Optometric Center, we offer a wide variety of premium lenses, coatings, and treatments that will suit your personal vision needs. We use the latest technology to help you achieve the best vision possible!

Lens Types:

  • Customized Digital Lenses
  • Digital Device Lenses
  • No-Line Bi-focals
  • Office Lenses
  • Progressive Lenses


Lens Coatings:

Anti-Reflective Coating

An anti-reflective coating on your glasses minimizes glare from light that can limit your vision or cause eye strain. This coating not only allows you to see the world more clearly but allow people to see you as well! See the many benefits of this additional coating:

  • Reduces eye strain when working on computers or digital devices for long periods of time.
  • Increases your reaction time when driving at night.
  • Tough on scratches
  • Repels dust and dirt so lenses can stay clean
  • Helps your self-tinting or “photochromic”  lenses change faster when stepping outside.
  • Most of our anti-reflective coatings come with a 1 year warranty against any scratches or damages for your peace of mind!
  • Upgrade to Blue Light Protection at no cost when purchasing a premium coating


Lens Treatments:

Self-Tinting Lenses

Self-tinting lenses, or photochromic lenses, are activated by UV sunlight to change from clear lenses to dark brown, gray, or green. They are helpful if you spend a lot of time going in and outdoors so you don’t need to carry around an extra pair of sunglasses. Self-tinting lenses are also great for those who have light sensitivity.

  • Provides 100% of solar UV protection.
  • Options to change from dark to VERY Dark for those sensitive to light.
  • Options to change in while in the car.
  • Options to change from clear to Polarized.

Polarized Lenses

Polarized sunglasses cut glare and haze so your eyes are more comfortable when exposed to sunlight. Polarized lenses contain a special filter that blocks intense reflected light, reducing glare. Especially in Colorado where people spend a lot of time outdoors, these lenses are helpful for those who fish, hike, bike, work in the snow, drive during the day, or play outdoor sports. Ask your Optician to see if polarized lenses are right for you!

  • Provides 100% of solar UV protection.
  • Blocks glare 100%.
  • Increases clarity and improves color perception.
  • Increases comfort when out in the sun.
  • Perfect for those with light sensitivity.
  • Great for those who ski or work in the snow, fish, hike, bike, or drive.

Progressive Lenses

Progressive Lenses or Progressive Addition Lenses (PAL) are multi-focal lenses. Where a bifocal has two fields of vision (distance and reading), a progressive will have three fields of vision that seamlessly progress into the other from top to bottom with no line. On the top you have your distance section, the middle or intermediate for computer use, and the bottom for reading.  Below you can see the difference between Standard and Premium progressives. The Premium pictured on the left below are our free-form lenses. This means they are cut with a laser to reduce distortion and give you the widest range of vision. On the right are the Standard progressives that still give you distance, computer, and reading vision but a smaller range of vision and more distortion on the sides. Depending on how you use your glasses the most (distance, computer, or reading) we can customize your lenses to fit your needs!

As always, and as a courtesy, eye wear adjustments and cleaning are provided without an appointment. Also, for your convenience, our on-site eye wear production lab is able to fabricate prescriptions of all materials, therefore helping us to meet your time requirements for new or repaired frames and lenses. Express services are available upon request.